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We offer many services here to help serve you, and to keep you sewing happy! Some of these services include:

Cutting your fabric!
For only $10 an hour, you can get your entire quilt pieces cut for any project even a California King! Within that Cutting Service we also will pre-cut your next rag quilt! We at Inspirations understand that life gets in the way of us doing our favorite things sometimes, for many different reasons. And with that in mind for such a low cost, you can conquer more sewing, let us battle the cutting!

We all have that certain fabric we absolutely fell in love with yet never figured out how to use, the struggle is over! Come in the store to have one of our expert designers map out your next project. Hundreds of customers will proclaim they got their best inspirations from Inspirations! Whether it is a panel or a bunch of gorgeous blenders, or a whole pile of things you think match but just are not sure, we are here to help you! Not to mention its a free service!!! And for only $15 you can have your very own pattern made on the EQ program, with cutting instructions and measurements! How cool is that?!

.......yes I said massages! We have a wonderful masseuse that comes in on Tuesdays and sets up her table in our private office.  Our masseuse will cater to your specific body needs, and help loosen up your sewing muscles one knot at a time! She only charges $50 for the hour, and $30 for a half hour and it is worth every penny. Please call ahead to set up an appointment so there is no double booking issues, thank you. (Does house calls as well)