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Inspiration's Services

Here at Inspirations Quilt Shop we offer many different services outside of our average Sit & Sews. 

T-Shirt Quilts: Janice has over 15 years of experience designing and making T-Shirt quilts of every size, even made one out of socks! If you have a desire to turn shirts or jerseys into a memory quilt, this is your one stop shop. Contact to make an appointment with Janice to either learn to make your own or have her make one for you!

Personalized Fabric Photos: Do you have photos you would like to turn into a quilt? We have all the tools you need to transform any photo into fabric for you. Printable sizes are max 8"x11" and cost $5 per sheet and $3 for printing ink. We transform your photos and fix them up using photoshop so you don't have to!

Custom Quilt Patterns: One thing that sets us apart is we use our EQ program to not only show you what your fabrics look like in any pattern to give a detailed view, but as well give you instructions on how to make it. We take away the stress of the unknown and give you every tool to make any idea into a reality. Call to make an appointment.